After Winter, Spring: Whole Terrain interviews documentary filmmaker Judith Lit

Whole Terrain, May 26, 2015 | By Cherice Bock

"Filmed on location in the Périgord region of southwest France, After Winter, Spring presents a cinematically beautiful, heartwarming, sometimes discouraging, and sometimes optimistic look into the lives of the region’s farming community (see the film trailer). Filmmaker Judith Lit and her crew spent parts of four years filming this documentary in each of the four seasons, following the lives of a number of small farmers with various backgrounds and approaches: from peasant farmers whose ancestors have lived on the land for centuries to recent imports from French Canada trying their hand at organic farming, from traditional-style horse and wagon to state-of-the-art dairy farming.

After Winter, Spring walks through the seasons, interviewing the farmers as they work in the fields or in their homes, showing sweeping panoramas of French pastoral scenes interspersed with intimate shots of farmers with their beloved animals and plants. ...

Skilled cinematography and storytelling leads us through the film, inviting us into the seasonal rhythm of these farmers’ lives. It elicits a recognition that we are part of this rhythm, connected to people and the natural world in all times and in our own place.

I recently spoke with Judith Lit about the film, her own background, her intentions in the film, and a deeper perspective on the lives and experiences of the individuals we meet in the Périgord. ..."

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"Must see! Must share with USA farmers whose link to traditional practices has faded. This is an important and original film."
Richard McCarthy, Executive Director, Slow Food USA